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Here’s what you need to know about our Wine 4 Winners Wine Clubs. By signing up to our newsletter you’ll be able to join one of our three wine clubs: Red, White and Bubbles Club, Gold Winners Club, and the Platinum Winners Club (premium). In each club you’ll have access to a host of amazing and exclusive deals and benefits, including (and beyond) the following:
  • Receiving a 20% Discount on all Wine Club Shipments
  • Receiving a 20% Discount on any additional wine orders
  • Gaining access to limited edition wines
  • The exclusive opportunity to purchase the latest vintages before they are released
  • Discounted and occasionally complimentary wine tastings at some of our partner wineries around the world
  • Discounts on special events

When you join our Red, White and Bubbles Club you will receive 4 bottles of each of our Red, White and Sparkling wines, 4 times per year. That’s a total of 48 bottles, 12 bottles 4 times a year. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s both!

As a member of the Gold Winners Club, you’ll receive both Estate and award-winning wines from around the world. You’ll get to choose 6 wines which can all be red, can all be white, or a combination of 3 reds and 3 whites. In fact, it can be any combination of red and white bottles that make up a total of 6. The choice is yours! When you sign up, you’ll get to indulge in this great benefit 4 times per year – a total of 24 bottles per year.

As a member of our premium Platinum Winners Club, you’ll have exclusive access to our top tier Reserve and award-winning wines from around the world. You’ll be able to choose between receiving 6 bottles of red or 6 bottles of white, 3 times per year. A total of 18 top tier Reserve and award-winning wines from around the world. We really meant it when we said we’ll have you winning.


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