Andrew Villarreal
April 8, 2022 | Andrew Villarreal

Taste That Grape Series

Hello there fellow wine enthusiasts, 

I am starting an exciting and informative new series of blog posts and YouTube reveal videos every month called “Taste That Grape”. In this exciting new series, I am going to be listing some aromas associated with a certain grape and some characteristics like Body, Tannins, Acid, Alcohol, and Sweetness.  It’s up to you to guess and see if you’re correct. This is a fun little exercise to help you learn more about grape varieties whether you are new to the world of wine or you are simply  sharpening your skills if you are a wine connoisseur. 

Let’s get the ball rolling with a classic grape variety that can taste like Black Cherry, Cedar, Black Currant, and Baking Spice. This grape is known for having medium plus to high tannins, a full body, medium acidity, and a long dry finish. This grape is known for being planted in France, the United States, Chile, and Australia. This grape can have some green components like mint, green peppercorn, bay leaf, or even eucalyptus. What am I tasting? What is that grape?


Andrew Villarreal


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