Andrew Villarreal
February 3, 2022 | Andrew Villarreal

Wines For Celebration

Sparkling Wines- France, Italy, Spain, U.S., etc.

Who doesn’t like the “POP” sound of a bottle of sparkling wine? Usually that means it’s time to get this party started! People the world over love sparkling wine to start any celebration, whether big or small. Starting a new job - bubbles, getting married - bubbles, celebrating a birthday - bubbles, ringing in the new year - bubbles. We have been celebrating with bubbles for hundreds of years, the French made Champagne, the Italians made Prosecco, the Spanish made Cava, and the Americans made California Sparkling. So much variety in styles and tastes, people have used Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Glera, Macabeo,  Xarel-lo, and many more. 

Beaujolais Nouveau - France

Beaujolais Nouveau is traditionally bottled and released on the third Thursday in November to celebrate the year’s harvest.  Winemakers in the Beaujolais region make this fresh, light, and fruity wine to drink while their more structured wines rest in barrels building up their tannins and body to become beautiful, world class, age-worthy wines. Beaujolais Nouveau wines reached peak numbers of 27 million cases shipped around the globe in 2017. People can’t get enough of this wine style that although quite unique, can still be found in other tiny pockets around the world. Traditionally hand harvested Gamay grapes are collected and lightly crushed, using the Carbonic Maceration method. 

Carbonic Maceration is a process where grapes are placed in a stainless steel container after being harvested, the container is sealed and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is pumped in and the grapes ferment until the pressure builds and ruptures the grapes giving the wine very distinct aromas. This yields a light-bodied wine with fresh, fruity aromas of pomegranate, blackberry, and violet. 

Pair your Beaujolais Nouveau with chicken, duck, pork, turkey, and so much more. This wine is versatile and unapologetically fun, not meant to be analyzed with great measure; it’s cheap and it tastes great what more can you ask for? Treat your tastebuds with a bottle of Beaujolais!

Vino Novello - Italy 

Vino Novello is a generic term for all new wines that were released from that year’s harvest. 

Italian winemakers use a range of grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Nero d'Avola, and Corvina.

This fresh and fruit driven style of wine is appreciated and celebrated around the world for being fun and easy drinking. This fun and lively wine is done using the carbonic maceration method. These wines are me at to be consumed within six months of bottling to enjoy its fresh light style. This fun carefree style allows winemakers to have different interpretations with no real limitations on aging requirements or designated grapes that must be used. This is sought throughout Italy and winemakers have responded by producing up to 17 bottles annually. Millions of people have already enjoyed wines like these, so now it’s your turn to go out and find something new, fresh, and delightful. 

This time of year there are so many reasons to celebrate, so many reasons to open a fun bottle of wine with friends and family. Try something new and share a fun bottle with those that make you happy and laugh. Allows us at Wine 4 Winners to help you with great wine finds for you to share some great experiences with good company. We are always celebrating new wines, new occasions, and new friends in all of you, cheers!

Andrew Villarreal
Sommelier / Wine Coach


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